About “Jumava”

“Jumava” books — the true value of your time. For 25 years this motto of the publishing house has paved the way for the readers of “Jumava”. It all started with simple, modest br ochures in 1991. Basic principle had been following throughout the years — to match the theme of the book with the appropriate quality. Jumava Ltd. was established in 1994 and has become one of the largest publishers in Latvia, off ering wide choice of books and having its bookstores spread all over the country.

Our company has local and foreign experience in book publishing projects in Latvian, English, German, Finnish, French, Spanish, Russian. Jumava publishes original and translated fi ction that includes the world-known classic authors, the most popular contemporary authors and the titles of signifi cant world political fi gures. We cooperate with most knowledgeable and best Latvian translators.

We publish both fi ction and non-fi ction: children and youth literature, noteworthy classical literature, reference books, historical books, educational materials, scientifi c and spiritual literature, guides, dictionaries, cookery and gardening books, as well as art albums. Jumava also takes pride in publishing unique works of heritage value. We have received awards and prizes for high quality of our titles in diff erent competitions.

Juris Visockis

Apgāda “Jumava” CEO


Liene Soboļeva

Main editor


Antra Rencberga

Project Manager