Blackheads House - Melngalvju nams (angļu val.)

The present book is a guide to the reconstructed Blackheads House. Moreover at the beginning of a new topic the reader is informed about how things used to be. How the foreign merchants founded the Blackheads Compagnie in Riga, how they got involved in the life of the city, how they held their celebrations, how their archives and collections took shape. How the New House, subsequently the Blackheads House, was built and transformed until it became Riga’s most remarkable adornment.
This book offers an insight into the exhibitions and art objects on view at the Blackheads House as well as its new interior. It tells about the events associated with the Blackheads House: concerts, exhibitons, receptions. About the festivities that take place in the building and also at the Town Square, and everybody, citizens as well as guests of the city, is welcome to join in. The excellent photographs bring the narrative alive.
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