Vita Banga “Art Nouveau in Riga. The Interior”

Time is a space on which every era leaves its signature as it passes through. The hidden passions of creative activity are hidden in the walls of old apartment buildings, relating their story and informing us of that which once was. This story is a bit mysterious and fascinating given that we manage to find, perceive and preserve the symbolism and mysticism of the overall art nouveau way of life. The city was the background of the art nouveau period – a time when the image of a modern city was being formed, there was a constant effort to seek new design forms which were also introduced in practice. Daily life was no longer grey, it quickly raised the issue of the necessity of entertainment venues and introduced views and opinions about the original and the beautiful, the temporality of criteria and opinions in the rush of the New Era. The changes in human living space touched on interior forms, which slowly but surely accepted current tendencies and activated a life of culture in the city, thus supplementing the victory march of the lithe and supple art nouveau.