Knuts Skujenieks, Valdis Bisenieks, “A Seed in the Snow/Samen im Schnee”

 “Jumava” in collaboration with Austrian publisher “Wieser”, has published a unique bilingual collection of the poetry of Knuts Skujenieks including poems from the “A Seed in the Snow/Samen im Schnee” collection as well as other poems.

The structure of the collection is interesting as it consists of parallel texts in Latvian and German. Valdis Bisenieks rendered the poems from Latvian to German and organized the collection chronologically. “The poet himself organized his collection “A Seed in the Snow” in this way and included about one fifth of the poems written while in concentration camp, but which was not published until 1990. In this way it is easier for the reader to follow the development of this unique personality. The first collection of poetry by Knuts Skujenieks, “Poetry and Voices” (Lirika un balsis) was published in 1978 and along with renderings, included mostly poetry written in 1972 – 1973. I have created the selected works using both collections mentioned maintaining the chronological order used by the poet himself.”