George Armisted, “Honorary Citizen of Rīga”

“Jumava” has published a book about George Armisted, the fourth mayor of Rīga, “George Armisted, “Honorary Citizen of Rīga”.

George Armisted was mayor of Rīga from 1901 to 1912. He contributed to and promoted the growth of Rīga from a mere town to a major European city that earned the title “Pearl of the Baltics”.

Now his deeds belong to the pages of history. It is impossible for us to say with certainty which of his deeds on behalf of our city were the most significant, which had a lasting value and which were produced for momentary impact. However, as long as our progeny encounter the lasting footprints left by these deeds, they will sense: behind all of it stood a man who fought and worked with virility because he maintained a deep and powerful peace in his heart.