Elita Grosmane, “The Rīga Dome Through the Centuries”

“Jumava” has published Elita Grosmane’s book about the Rīga Cathedral “The Rīga Dome Through the Centuries”. The book has compiled information about the artistic and architectural value of the Rīga Cathedral and its development and changes in a historical context.

Elita Grosmane is the lead researcher, and since 1970, the director, of the Art History Institute and the editor-in-chief of the magazine “Art History and Theory” (Mākslas vēsture un teorija). She is also a lecturer at the Latvian Art Academy in the Department of Art science and master’s program (“Iconography”, “Medieval and Baroque Architecture and Sculpture in Latvia”) as well as a dissertation supervisor and an expert in art science accredited by the Latvian Science Council.

“For more than eight centuries the architecturally impressive ancient construction of the mighty Rīga Cathedral has become a stable dominating element in the Rīga skyline and the awareness of its visitors. Since the laying of its cornerstone and the beginning of construction in the 13th century, its significance has not diminished but only increased even up to the present day. While maintaining its primary sacral function, it has adapted to the high standards of museum and music afficianados of the 21st century. How the Dome fared throughout its lengthy existence is the subject of this book.” Elita Grosmane, Art Historian, author of the book.