Aleksandrs Čaks, “The Enchantment of Love/Uzburt mīlestību”

“Jumava” has published a bilingual collection of poetry by Aleksandrs Čaks, “The Enchantment of Love/Uzburt mīlestību”.

The book was translated into English by Bitīte Vinklers.

Rīga poet Aleksandrs Čaks (1901 – 1950) was a Latvian writer and poet whose personality and works hold a significant place in the history of Latvian literature and culture.

The book consists of renderings of the brightest works by Čaks as well as noteworthy memories of his peers, unique, never before published photographs, significant domestic items important in his creative and everyday life along with information about gifts received by Čaks (postcards, embroidered items, fan letters, etc.). The book offers an insight into the culture and Bohemian lifestyle of the first half of the 20th century in Rīga.